Selected Works

2008 . “Man Alone – Uncredited (RE-PLAY to Understand)”

"Man Alone ...", is the result of mixing audio and video, like a collage, with extracts from the movies "Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill!" and "Blood Simple" and self made footage from a original script I wrote called "Man Alone". The main goal is to build a story using fragments of others and mixing them with personal work. short stories that can be interpreted differently by different people.
Above all is a work that intends to explore the solitude of the human being, his capacity to close himself into a shell and from there create his own reality.
No need to understand life, one makes it's personal interpretation of it.

Genre: Mixed Media.
Running Time: Loop
Screened @ "A Certain Lack of Coherence" - Porto, Portugal - November (2008)

2008 . "The Movement Of Things"

"The Movement of Things" is a videodance work – ...movement is a basic element in all-time-based visual media forms, videodance is distinguished from other film genres by its emphasis on the craft and composition of movement in the work. - based on the natural movement of things.It's about trying to capture the essence of movement itself.
A human being allows the external movement of things to invade him without denying the internal movement that happens even when everything around is static.
Paper seagulls, silhouette shapes, moving sand, sea, shadows, waves. A body runs and falls continuosly.
Tension. Actions related to oneself.

Direction and editing: Daniel Pinheiro
Genre: Video Dance
Texts: Gérard de Cortanze “Le Mouvement des Choses”, Richard Serra “Verb list compilation: Action to relate to Oneself” 1967 - 1968

Screened @
FNB, Dance Umbrella (Johanesburg, South Africa)
Il Coreografo Elettronico (Naples, Italy) VideoDanza BA (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Festival da Fábrica (Porto, Portugal) - amongst others

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2009 . "Douple"

"Douple" is, primarily, an exercise in experimenting with image and sound. Starting from a scene from a movie – "This Sporting Life" (1963) – and then exploring and work on the distortion of that same scene, emptying it of its original meaning and condense the two planes of a dialogue for a single plane, where the two parties are sharing the same plane. Instead of looking alternately at each of the actors this merging results in a kind of silent shared monologue where the two constitute a single unit, almost a visual being able to condense the emotions and feelings of two characters at a time of climax of the film itself.
In Douple, sound aims to be the background for reflection on the emotion that is actually happening in the original scene, both by the presence of the voice of Maria Callas (in Puccini‟s Tosca with “Basta, Roberti”) and the voice of Michael Sugrue discussing the work of Plato and how those works often expose the fundamental issues and problems of human existence.

Douple = Couple and Duo > Dialogue > Conflict = Object.

Editing: Daniel Pinheiro
Genre: Mixed Media

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2009 . "From Bottom to Top"

A short essay about the layers of Porto. A vertical overview of the city going through the bottom, middle and top of the city and the association that can be made to each one of those words/concepts. Visually metaphoric this short piece is about a certain kind of naiveness that can be found within the younger people that habit the city...
Work developed within the Collaborative Documentary Workshop‟09 held in the city of Porto (Portugal) during the workshops week of the UT Austin/Portugal (International Collaboratory for Emerging Technologies, CoLab).

Coordinator: Karen Kocher
Filming: Various
Editing: Daniel Pinheiro
Genre: Documentary, Experimental
Type: Portrait, Video Art

Screened @ Maus Hábitos (Porto)
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2010 . "Peer-to-Peer"

"Peer-to-Peer" is a performance set in a controlled, monitored environment. Every player follows simple rules of interaction to achieve a fundamental purpose - the establishment of peer-to-peer connections, from one point to another. Everyone can take part in building and manipulating the show because anyone is both a potential viewer and potential performer. Where should we draw the line between what's real and what's simulated? How do we react, how do we divide our attention when a physical presence competes with a virtual presence? We're all part of a performance. Everyone can play Peer-to-Peer.

Concept: Sérgio Brás d’Almeida e Eduardo Morais
Perfomers: Constança Carvalho Homem, Daniel Pinheiro, Fátima São Simão, Liliana Rocha,
Ricardo Oliveira, Tiago Bôto
Executive Producer: Daniel Pinheiro
Produced by: Sem Palco - Cultural Association
Genre: Interactive Performance | Installation

Venues of the project @
NEC (Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica) (Porto, Portugal)
MAUS HÁBITOS (Porto, Portugal)
PERFORMAS (Estúdio de Artes Performativas) (Aveiro, Portugal)
ESMAE (Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espectáculo) (Porto, Portugal)*
*Within the "Festival SET – Semana das Escolas de Teatro"
MAUS HÁBITOS (Porto, Portugal) at Future Places Festival – Digital Media and Local Cultures

More information: Promo:

2010 . "A Little Larger Than The Universe"

“Everything in life is movement. Everything in the universe moves.” Anna Halprin

“A Little Larger Than The Universe” is a video dance work made with students of the “Initiation to the Theatre” seminar that took place in March 2010 organized by the Universitary Theatre of Porto (Portugal). Travelling through one's body is an endless journey of discovering places that we normally don't visit and that stay forever hidden... Balance, Weight, Gravity taken for granted... turning your body upside down automatically gives us the impression of a different perspective about life.
Going beyond the known places of our body and how it moves provides self acknowledgment and assurance about the fragility of this „machine' that sets its grounds on perpetual motion. Nothing stops; everything flows into a perfect uniqueness of existence. Man is an animal on the move.

Editing: Daniel Pinheiro
Genre: Video Dance

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2010 . "BIRD | ANTS"

The problem of titling...
In this work, the proposal is for the viewer to let the two videos run and, dispite of what the captured image can refer to (concerning individual interpretation of each individual towards concepts like Death, Nature, etc.), look [from left to right] at the first calling it "BIRD" and the second one calling it "ANTS".
ti•tle (meaning)
1. An identifying name given to a book, play, film, musical composition, or other work. 10. A descriptive name; an epithet.
tr.v. ti•tled, ti•tling, ti•tles
To give a title to; entitle.
To call by a name; style.
Image Captured by: Daniel Pinheiro
Genre: Two Channel Web Installation | Video
Watch Installation:

2010 . "Hanging Wall"

The "Hanging Wall" project aims to be a place to exhibit some of the web works, often refered as [Inter]net art. Digital work that provides to the viewer a channel to experiment through visual, sound or temporary interaction.
Instead of going outside of its own environment and comfort the viewer is invited to assist/see the exhibition from a computer.
Creating this virtual displacement, the title of the project aims to become a metaphor for the consequences of such action, placing the information in this "commonplace" which is the virtual walls that every internet user has access nowadays.

Created by: Daniel Pinheiro
Genre: Website | Online Gallery

2011 . "MYTHEMS"

" a mirror-reflection... so that I am surrounded by me and my mind surrounds me . . . there is no escape."
– Nancy Holt in Boomerang (Richard Serra, 1974)

Exploring concepts such as Identity, Reflection and Self Replication (amongst others), MYTHEMS is an experimental video-art work which aims to be the result of a research where video is used as a form of giving back to the spectator a taste of its own existence. Exploring the use of this tool as a form of mirroring oneself and being able to accept the various individualities that are part of a whole, an individual and personal whole which boomerangs back and forward indefinitely.

Produced at the MUGATXOAN 2010 Artistic Residency (Serralves – Porto, Portugal)

Editing: Daniel Pinheiro
Genre: Video Installation
Watch Online Video Installation and more Info about the work:

Screenings @
La Mama Moves Dance Festival | Culturehub's Mediated Motion | [24 - 29, May 2011] (Curated by Billy Clark and Lindsey Medeiros) - La MaMa Galleria (NYC, USA)
DirectAction2011 | Month of Performance Art | [28 - 29, May 2011] (Curated by Marion Ritzmann and Stefan Riebel) - I.A.M. (Berlin, Germany)


In 2011 the Serralves Museum in Portugal brought a retrospective of Trisha Brown’s Early Works, and invited a group of Portuguese performers to perform, along with the Trisha Brown Dance Company dancers in three pieces. “Figure 8”, “Planes” (picture above) and “Floor of the Forest”.

Rehearsal Director: Todd Lawrence Stone
Company: Trisha Brown Dance Company and Portuguese Performers


Initially interested in exploring the concept of "proper profile" to the Actor of our century, appears ADEQUATE PROFILE, as the resulting object from the analysis of a series of questions that the group of people involved in it assumes as a perspective on the current landscape of the creation of performative exercises and reflects the trend, both nationally and internationally, to an increasing blurring between the real and the spectacular, as well as a vision of the Actor as a vehicle of infinite possibilities.
Actor? Performer? Creator? What is the right profile? A hybrid that brings together, within, the ability to accumulate languages, answers, attacks, wishes, experiences ...? These variations and possibilities are explored in the form of small scenic moments that the artists of this piece have proposed as a mean to explore all of the issues initially raised.

Conception and Performers: Daniel Pinheiro, Liliana Rocha e Tiago Bôto
Orientation: Inês Vicente
Artistic Consultory: Constança Carvalho Homem
Sound Design: Bruno Morais Afonso
Light Design: Fernando Coutinho
Assistant Producers: Luísa Dinis, Natércio Silva
Photography, Video and Graphic Design: Eduardo Morais
Production Support:
ESMAE (Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espectáculo); Maus Hábitos (Espaço de Intervenção Cultural); CulturPrint, Crl; Fábrica da Rua da Alegria

Project Venues (Portugal):
June, 28/29 – MAUS HÁBITOS (PORTO) | July, 8/9 – FÁBRICA DA ALEGRIA (PORTO) | July 22 – HARD CLUB (PORTO) – within the INSERIR2011 Festival

Photographic Records: ;


Press Rehearsal*:
*(password: perfil1)


By 1986 though, Michals seems to use the photograph non-committally. The Most Beautiful Part of a Woman's Body is a shot of a woman's breasts. Beneath it the text begins: 'In the oldest dreams of men...', and having described how breasts are men's first memories, he concludes 'perfect in their gracious arcs, women wear breasts as medals, emblems of their love'. Even if you are interested in Michals' drivel relating to breasts, the picture in this case is but an empty appendage. In the same way, his photograph of a man holding an American flag in one hand and a Bible in the other (CLEAN) seems only to be a pretext for Michals to air his socio-political views ('Homosexuals were immediately rounded up by morality squads and vanished. Creationism was declared the official state science...'). -- ANDREW PALMER (taken from the review of Duane Michals retrospective of his work at the Royal Photographic Society in Bath, 1992)

In this response to Duane Michals work, where he exploits the meaning of bodies inclosed in their gender I face the bodies back as if one could actually look to the back of each picture taken in 1986 and see what's happening behind and emptying them of sexual meaning and still working with the author words on each 'moving image'. Women's breasts and Man's point of pleasure aren't reproduced here facing forward, but the memory of those "places" is brought back by the allusion that they are still there and have the nature of their existence and importance remains "in the oldest dream of men"...
Society has grown into a demystification of those symbols, and yet their presence (real or imaginary) define the difference between humans whose desire is to understand their own nature.
-- Daniel Pinheiro

Image Captured by: Daniel Pinheiro
Genre: Two Channel Web Installation | Video
Watch Installation:


LOST is a project between Flávio Rodrigues and Daniel Pinheiro, made specifically for an online exhibit - which happens here - and aims to explore the theme of Identity and Gender (topics that both performers take as subjects for their individual works); In this collaboration both individuals take the individuality of the other as an inspiration for a portrait. How do I see the other? And how is that that interpretation of the other suits the purpose of taking another human being to make a self-portrait through eachother’s eyes? Two performers, one afternoon, a bottle of wine, make-up and props, and an intimate perscrutation of what is read between the two individuals...

Image Captured by: Daniel Pinheiro and Flávio Rodrigues
Genre: Photographic and Video Online Exhibition
Online Project:

2011. “I AM __________”

I AM _____________ is an online interactive webpage where people can enter and complete the rest of the sentence.
In February of ’68, 1300 African American sanitation workers strike to demand their basic rights…human rights, joined and leaded by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ending up with his death. The phrase emerged from a single act of activism to inspire so many artists and other activist leaders throughout the years, a phrase, a slogan that became part of history for its significance politically but also as a symbol of empowerment of humans in their journeys towards conquering something new. “I AM A MAN” represents the need for humans to assert themselves as something, to identify themselves with a label that makes them stronger. By removing the word Man and in a world where sometimes labeling and tagging are so important and at the same time so many fight for their removal or adding other possibilities to that act of self-identification, in this work everyone has a the possibility to ‘fill in the gap’ with whatever suits them better, with what for each person could be their own slogan and symbol of individuality in a mass-media society.

Concept: Daniel Pinheiro
Genre: Interactive Web Page

Project developed under the INOV-ART Programme at CultureHub, Inc., New York. This project belongs to a work-in-progress project focusing on the theme of Identity.


Identity Test is a three channel video installation composed by three research video-performance videos built around the subject of Identity.
As a research project “IDENTITY TEST” comes from a broad project concept called “You’ll Always Have Something Written in Your Forehead” – built out of a collection of photos and images found on the internet – which aims to approach the constant need for humans to assert themselves as something that fit an ongoing categorization process that allows society to build a structure for recognition and that leads to the existence of misfits or people that just won’t fit all the labels in order to be part of a society as we know it.
Based on the event of February of ’68, when 1300 African American sanitation workers strike to demand their basic right, with the phrase “I AM A MAN”; this project (as so many others artists have approached in such different ways) grounds itself on exploring on metaphorical level that need for labeling as symbol of human empowerment. IDENTITY TEST is a series of work-in-progress video-performances focusing on the act of self-identification.
This project is being developed under the INOV-ART a Portuguese International Internships Programme at CultureHub, Inc., in New York. (2011)

Video/Performer/Sound: Daniel Pinheiro
Cinematographer/Voice-Over: Lindsey Medeiros
Thanks: Billy Clark, Jesse Ricke, Tiago Bôto
Genre: Three Channel Video Installation

Watch Online Version:


CultureHub teamed up with Contact Theatre in Manchester, UK to present staged readings of new works in process.

VERBALLY CHALLENGED is a regular script-writing competition held at Contact Theatre / Manchester, UK. In collaboration with CultureHub, DIGITAL DIALOGUES was special version where both sides were connected via telepresence technology. The writers followed a set brief and two teams of performers and directors came together through the virtual space.

Directors: Baba Israel and Billy Clark
Technicians: Jason Crouch, Lee Grey, Lawrence Reekie, Jesse Ricke
Comperes: Dominic Berry and Catherine Filloux
Production Assistant: Lizzy Tait
Actors: Sarah Amankwah, David Judge, Daniel Pinheiro, Charlotte Brathwaite

Presented December 14th live in both locations and streamed live.

Live Streaming:


Directed by John Jesurun
Live Camera Operator / Assistant Editor / Barista

John Jesurun’s Stopped Bridge of Dreams unfolds inside an anonymous globe-circulating jetliner- a modern age pleasure palace operated by a mother and son. Inspired by 17th Century Japanese writer, Saikaku Ihara’s “floating world” stories Stopped Bridge of Dreams features a variable nightly series of revolving playlets and characters. Jesurun weaves text, video, music and live internet feeds to reflect the anxiety of spiritual and sexual dislocation of contemporary life. Featuring Obie-winning actress Black-Eyed Susan.
This production is made possible through the support of National Endowment for the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, New York State Council on the Arts, The Ford Foundation, The Coca-Cola Foundation, The Curtis W. McGraw Foundation, Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, Materials for the Arts.

Sanghi Choi, Olive Dawley, Ben Forster, Ikechukwu Ufomadu and finally the barista, Daniel Pinheiro, all contributed perfectly to populating the flying brothel of the "floating world." I love entering a parallel universe and in order to attend this performance I had to tear myself away from Haruki Murakami’s "IQ 84", a massive novel about two Japanese worlds in juxtaposition, one 1984 and the other IQ84, where different heavenly bodies populate the skies and personages move between worlds, acting as agents listening to voices. -- in EDGE New York, New York by Wickham Boyle


Identity Project is a live video performance which aims at discussing some of the issues related to individuals, namely their need for the construction and deconstruction of identity while acknowledging labelling trends that allow people to say: I AM ______________. This project started in New York as part of Daniel Pinheiro’s internship at CultureHub, Inc. within the 3rd Edition of the INOV-ART Programme (Portuguese General Directorate for the Arts). It was presented as a work-in-progress at Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica (Porto, Portugal), as part of their residency programme 6x6, in June 2012. It also featured in the LaMaMa Spoleto Open Festival in July 2012 (Spoleto, Italy).
Brooklyn-based performance and exhibition artist Whitney V. Hunter joins the process in the extent of Circular, Festival de Artes Performativas (Vila do Conde, Portugal), in partnership with CultureHub NYC.

Concept / Performers : Daniel Pinheiro, Tiago Bôto in partnership with : Whitney V. Hunter
Dramaturgy: Tiago Bôto
Video: Daniel Pinheiro
Multimedia: Eduardo Morais
Technical Support and Supervision (Portugal): Daniel Oliveira | (USA) Jesse Ricke
Consultants: Cristiana Rocha, Inês Vicente (Portugal); Nerina Cocchi (Italy)
Photography: Lindsey Medeiros, Constança Carvalho Homem, Andrea Messana
Other participants: Lindsey Medeiros, Jesse Ricke, Charlotte Brathwaite, Michael Burke, Claire Buckingham, Nerina Cocchi, Inês Vicente, Constança Carvalho Homem, Hugo Loureiro e Lemos, Fátima São Simão e Luís Brandão

more info: